CAP theorem

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this weeks paper is about a topic that can be considered ancient in our CS world. The CAP theorem was first introduced in 2000 and this weeks paper is revisiting it in 2012. In contrast to the age the theorem is still highly relevant for building distributed systems and will help you understand the short comings of distributed databases and cloud products

Did you ever asked yourself: “Why is DynamoDB only offering eventual consistent reads by default?”…the CAP theorem is the answer.


Almost twelve years ago, in 2000, Eric Brewer introduced the idea that there is a fundamental trade-off between consistency,availability, and partition tolerance. This trade-off, which has become known as the CAP Theorem, has been widely discussed ever since. In this paper, we review the CAP Theorem and situate it within the broader context of distributed computing theory. We then discuss the practical implications of the CAP Theorem, and explore some general techniques for coping with the inherent trade-offs that it implies.

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