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Throughout my university career I got introduced to research papers and found that they are a lot easier to understand than I always feared. After reading a few I fell in love with this resource as they provide me insights into the spearhead of knowledge in my field. And to be honest, even though I enjoy reading blog posts, the quality of a peer-reviewed research paper is just on a complete different level.

With the Weekly CS Paper newsletter I want to introduce you to the joy of continuous learning about the current findings in CS. Every Weekend you will receive a handpicked computer science research paper for reading over the weekend.

As I mostly dive into topics regarding distributed systems and backend development the focus will definitely be in that area.

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If you want to first checkout what you are getting yourself into, all the previous issues of the newsletter are in the Archive


When does the first newsletter arrive?

Whenever you subscribe the next Weekend. If you are subscribing on a Weekend and the newsletter was already send out you might have to wait a week. I still could not figure out how to automatically resend the last issue to new subscribers. (Maybe I will find a paper on that topic at some point 😅)

What are the papers you did send out so far?

You can find all past issues of the newsletter in the Archive.

For free, why are you doing this newsletter?

I created this newsletter as I enjoy reading scientific papers and want to give that joy to others. And to be 100% honest, the newsletter is not that much time effort for me.
Maybe at some point you need a consultant helping with optimizing your backend architecture and services. Would be awesome if you think of me at that point 🤓 This is what I considrer win-win.

Is this all legal?

Research papers sometimes have problems with paywalls and are limited access. I only select so-called open access papers that are free to read for anyone. None of the papers are hosted on my server.

Is there a RSS feed?

Yes, just subscribe there and you get the same content https://simon-frey.com/blog/category/weeklycspaper/feed/

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